SkyMed present at the #5DemoDay of MAD e-Health

>An event that brings together the most relevant players in Health and Biotech

More than 150 people attended online and in person

On July 18, the #5DemoDay event organized by the health cluster MAD e-Health took place in the city of Madrid, Spain. SkyMed was present together with various players in the sector such as public and private hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical laboratories, associations and foundations, universities, technology and service companies, technology parks, startups and large companies that carry out their activities, fundamentally, in the area de Madrid and that are associated to promote the development of the digital health ecosystem with international projection.

MAD e-Health is the first Official Cluster that carries out a 100% live event streaming event with the most innovative projects of StartUps and Multinationals that are benchmarks in the Health and Biotech sector. In line with the Municipal Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the event aims to make Madrid the best city to live and work in 2030, through the opportunities offered by the European Next Generation EU Financing Framework.

Among the attendees via streaming and face-to-face, the event had the participation of more than 150 people from the Spanish Health/Biotech ecosystem. Among the highlights of the event, was the participation of Manuel Allegue, Founder & CEO of Zentricx together with Julio César Blanco, Country Manager Spain, who developed the topic of telemedicine management through their platform with interesting data:

In Spain the consultation rate is 10% of medical consultations via telemedicine and growth of up to 25% is expected .

  • Health platforms must be in a continuous Beta state
  • Incorporating a platform is not only incorporating a technological tool in the processes of health entities, it is more than that, it is a health strategy in itself.
  • All patient issues must be resolved at the first point of contact.

The DESIC team was present to discuss the optimization management of the nursing staff achieved at the San Roque de Gran Canarias University Hospital , based on the incorporation of a platform that enables better management of their workflow. Marco Antonio Sánchez López, Technical Director and CISO of DESIC spoke about the visibility of nursing team management, since it solves their mobility problems and provides information in real time.

V-Health was present with the representation of Myriam Isabel Gonzalez Navarro who spoke about the remote monitoring of patients and its importance outside the hospital environment with devices that issue alerts before deviations from standard parameters and a 24-hour care center. all week, all year.

Amadeus Uribe CEO of +Inn Health , spoke about the importance of having simulators for surgical and post-surgical procedures according to each medical procedure. The focus is that the first time of any procedure is not in a patient, but in a simulator .

In its face-to-face form, the venue for the event was LA NAVE: an innovation center, a meeting point for startups, citizens, companies and a whole network of innovative professionals who seek to transform the city of Madrid. A space for urban innovation of the Madrid City Council with an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation made up of more than 2,730 members, including large corporations, technology centers and universities
Undoubtedly, an event that sets the standard for digital health in Madrid and the world. And, thanks to the invitation of the president of MAD e-Health, Carlos Díez-Ruza, SkyMed will once again be part of its next edition in September.

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