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What solutions and processes turn your costs into revenue?

We help you actively manage high-impact processes in the admission of your institution and the relationship with your patients.

No Show Management (Patient Absenteeism)

No Show Management (Patient Absenteeism)

We optimize the professional's schedule by managing patient absenteeism and presenteeism without the need to generate shifts.

Unsatisfied Demand for Diagnostic Imaging

Unsatisfied Demand for Diagnostic Imaging

Medical prescriptions not materialized in the institution or prescribed studies not scheduled with the patient.



Manage doctor cancellations on the schedule before they impact patient care and experience.



Preventive Health Management following up the patient on the clinical indications in the doctor's diagnosis.

Maximize the medical offer on business processes with a high impact on the institution's revenue

  • Correctly manage the medical agenda of critical professionals. Don't oversell your time or your patient's.

  • Patient absenteeism can be managed correctly without generating "Over Shifts".

  • Manage 100% of the prescriptions issued to capitalize on the income that professionals have requested.

  • In the event of cancellations of the medical agenda, it manages its rescheduling without negatively impacting the patient.

  • Anticipate the new era of health, proactively manage your patients by following up on the doctor's instructions. We help you focus on health care and not on disease management.

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